UK Muslim Community Living in Fear Under Tory Rule. Two Mosques In Birmingham Attacked.

Muslim Community Living in Fear.

The heart of Birmingham has been targeted once again.

Administration for now rule out any motive other than a Racist attack. Head admin of the Qamarul Islam Mosque, Imam M Khalil Mirza has expressed his disappointment at elected community leaders doing naught.  

However he was grateful for the local community showing their support.

Qamarul Islam and Al-Hijra Mosques both attacked. Windows were shot at with powerful air guns using steel ball bearings. Weaponry used here indicates towards it being most likely a gas loaded air gun. Commonly used in war games and easily available in UK without any hassle.

BALL BEARING vs Book your perception and Physics. Ball bearings are easily available in UK. These are and can be very deadly. There is an urgent need to make them illegal.

There is a strong case amply demonstrated here that these weapons should be banned.

“Will it make a significant difference if we shoot a book that is free to move backwards than if the book is secured with a sand bag? Many people have brought this up this since we often shoot things both ways. It’s natural to assume that a FIXED object would suffer more damage than a “free-floating” object. If you try to punch a balloon in the air, the balloon is just pushed away no matter how hard you punch it. If you secure the balloon to keep it from moving, you are more-likely to pop it. Does this apply to objects -AS MUCH- when they are travelling as a high velocity? Inertia is the resistance of any object to any change in its motion. The resistance in this case are the pages of the book. Momentum is a body’s mass multiplied by its velocity. The momentum in this case, is the steel ball bearing travelling just above supersonic speed.”