Another Shocking Case of Racism From a Large Retailer. Police Called on a Couple for Simply Shopping at the Store.

Why Do Retailer Advertise? Ask yourself. They Cannot Achieve Their Projected Sale Targets for the Year by Restricting Sales.

Tesco Shares price has been Slipping since the shocking incident of extremely bad and offensive handling of customers Nasir and his wife Mahira Hussain.

No Retailer Can Afford to Limit its Sales / Business. Tesco is there to make Money. Task always is sales up resulting in efforts to increase sales,  more money loads of money. More than the previous year. Tesco is no exception their share holders expect them to make more each year .

Money is the heart of the retail business More sales means bigger turn over that translates into bigger share value and they make yet again More Money. Any one suggests otherwise is talking rubbish.


Item are Rationed when Given Free of Charge. Or when there is Famine, Drought going on.

Other than that, Retailers often use it as a ploy, a publicity Stunt hoping people will go crazy with the hope of pulling that many more customers from other retailers to make more money.

Reality is Tesco like any other retailer is there to sell as many items as it can.  Items are there to sell whether lorry loads or singularly.


No Retailer Sells items at Cost Price or at reduce price . Unless in case of food items have reached end of their life. Or in case of reduced price they wish to bump up their turn over.


Logic of limiting sales is simply a publicity stunt. It makes no business sense. Wasting our already extremely stretched, short in number police force time and resources is very questionable, and that on a totally bad handling of a normal situation made bad by Tesco management.


Tesco must, not only apologise but compensate the couple Nasir and Mahira Hussain.

If customer is able to fill up ten trolleys, all it mean is its there to be sold unless clearly stated. Retailer opens their doors to sell.