Focus Forward. Seeking Fairness and Accountability. A World Free from Oppression and Injustice.

At The Exclusive  Launch Of A New Report by CAGE in Birmingham Thursday 11 October 2018 (not just full but over crowded house )

Focus Forward.               Seeking Fairness and accountability.                     A world free from oppression and injustice.

 Azad Ali

Truly Excellent! Evaluations and Analysis of PREVENT Separating Families: By Azad Ali, Asim Qureshi and Moazzam Baig.

Asim Qureshi


How PREVENT seeks removal of children from their parents. Until recently what seems to be unfair, racist and very secretive has been exposed from home office, that’s governments own statistics as purely motivated by racism. In most cases parents are of origins or practising Muslims.

Moazzam Baig

At The Exclusive  Launch Of A New Report by CAGE


Heading with the subject of first hand cases exposing the use of PREVENT in family courts where children were threatened to be removed from parents.

Absolutely no doubt PREVENT is preventing the good and Not the No Good.


Common to all communities. That, what is unfair to one is unfair to all.  With super sonic speed Islamophobia has risen to unprecedented levels in UK and Europe. If as a nation we do not resist it will go on marching. Signs now are very similar to what brought Hitler to power. What followed is no secret. Our forefathers sacrificed their lives fighting against the Nazis. Some 78000 Muslims were killed on war fronts during the 2nd world war fighting hitler.