Modi’s Face of Fascism and War Hysteria in India Must Be a Worry for the world? How Many Muslims Must be Killed for modi Election Win?

Election Vote wisely my friends.

I close my eyes when I see videos of innocent muslims and Dalits being lynched on roads and streets. Because you cannot imagine what I see from the killing of 2002 when I close my eyes everyday.

We cannot bring those who lost their lives due to hate. But all those who can see this now and all those who see this but yet choose to keep shut I despise even more.

What I want my dear friends to understand is how BJP does hate politics especially spreading Hindu Muslim hate. To date terrorizing Muslims and Dalits on grounds of cow and beef and all while continuing to export tons to foreign countries by supporting large slaughter houses running.

Myself and my friends, Muslim and others went to school on our bikes everyday. Winding streets and galis, sometimes we rode our bikes and sometimes we walked holding our bikes in the usual and daily traffic around our area just chatting. We did our daily chores and went out to do groceries at local businesses, travelled using local buses and ricksaws. Attended each others social functions.
Not a single friend, Neighbor or family will tell you that anyone of our Hindu majority neighbors ever teased any of us for being Muslims. We lived with our neighbors peacefully.

The race to power and hate politics all started from Gujarat under the BJP
State government. When Godhra happened on Feb 26th, 2002 the then BJP state government instead of finding the terrorists and putting them in jail,
Instead of shutting down the city of Godhra and taking steps that any sane and just government would do, instead created a atmosphere of Hindu Muslim hate by means of hate speeches as well as parading dead bodies of the Godhra victims in Ahemedabad to raise the Hindu sentiments in an already sensitive city and state.

Except for a few the 10,000 strong mob was made up of hired gunda’s with swords, firearms and trishuls with saffron headbands on their heads from outside. Raping, cutting men, women and children to pieces. Paid to kill Muslims. An entire establishment planned to kill innocent people of a community. Paid and planned to take revenge with innocent people who had nothing to do with Godhra.

Source: South Asia Solidarity Group. Credit: Nishrin Jafri Hussain