India’ Racist CAA NRC Strikes. And Its A Muslim Women. She Is Off To The Detention Camps.

Her future a life in camp. Like many others we wont know.

To support her claim that she was a citizen by birth, Jabeda had submitted 15 documents including 1951 NRC record of a parent, their names in multiple voter lists, PAN card, bank documents, land payment receipts and certificates from village headman which attested to her residence in the village, her relationship with her parents and her marriage to Rejak Ali. The Foreigners Tribunal, however, was not convinced by the certificates and ruled that Jabeda had failed to prove linkage to Jabed Ali, whom she claimed to be her father. The tribunal also disregarded the testimony of her brother, Samsul Ali

Jabeda Begum has gone into hiding. But how long before she is thrown into detention centers?