The Most Dangerous Place for a Muslim During the COVID-19 Pandemic is India by CJ Werleman | Apr 13, 2020 “When members of the country’s ruling party publicly refer to Muslim as “traitors” and “pests” that “should be shot,” it institutionalizes Islamophobia at all levels of civil society, resulting in lower economic, education, political, and health outcomes for 200 million adherents of the Islamic faith.”

Police are using COVID-19 as an instrument of terror against Muslims in impoverished neighborhoods.

More alarming still is the fact police are using COVID-19 as an instrument of terror against Muslims in impoverished neighborhoods, including accounts that New Delhi police officers are using the pretext of investigations into the city’s recent anti-Muslim pogrom to kidnap Muslim youths and threaten them with forced exposure to the coronavirus.

At  a time when the world’s largest democracy and second largest country is in the grips of fighting a virus that doesn’t make distinctions between religious faiths, a fight that if lost could send the Indian economy into a death spiral it never fully recovers from, the government is fanning the flames of communal polarization to march the country ever closer to taking on the identity of a Hindu fascist state.

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